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Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football

Everything you need to know about our season-long fantasy football leagues

Intro to Sleeper Fantasy Football

How to view Cross-League Ownership
How do I prevent a user from joining my league?
Positional Designations Info & Requests 🏈
How To Use Custom Player Notes
Do you support auction drafts?
Does Sleeper have Covid-19 and Opt-out tags?
What is the 24-Hour Rule?
Can I export my data from my league?
Can you remove me from a past league?
How can I add player nicknames?
Can I delete direct messages?
Do you have an iPad app?
Can I change the view to landscape?
Can I submit a feature request?
How are Points Allowed calculated?
How are Yards Allowed calculated?
Can I set a lineup after our championship has ended?
How can I transfer a team to another owner?
Help! I accidentally ended my draft
Why did my player lose points for a special teams fumble?
Do PF and PA track the whole season?
Can I delete a duplicate league?
How do I find my League ID?
Can I limit available draft pick years?
Why can't I drop players?
Do you offer Best Ball?
Do you support guillotine leagues?
How do I set a keeper deadline date?
Can I email my leaguemates?
Do taxi players count toward Max PF?
How can I join a public league?
How to Decrease Team Size in a League
How can I add Co-Owners?
How do playoff teams get determined?
How does Injured Reserve (IR) work?
League History and Weekly Reports
Player Status and Gameday Designations
Consolation Bracket vs. Toilet Bowl
Why was someone able to drop their starter after they have played?
What are Managed Leagues?
Getting Started with Managed Leagues
Manually Creating Managed Leagues
Watch List vs. Draft Queue
How do taxi squads work?
How to Organize and Archive Leagues
Can we do a league with an odd # of teams?
Can my commissioner see my bids?
How can we upload our rosters?
How are tackles calculated?
Can I set tiebreakers?
Can I set pre-draft rankings?
Which players are dual-eligible on Sleeper?
How can I assign keepers to traded picks?
How can I view transaction history for a past league?
How do I change my team name and photo?
League Legend