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PicksVS Rules
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Welcome to PicksVS! Sleeper's peer-to-peer daily fantasy game, where you can win cash competing against other users. For information on where PicksVS is available, refer to our Where Can I Play? support article.

How to Play

  • To play, build a contest of 2 - 8 players, and predict whether each player will go higher or lower than their statistical projection.

  • Your entry will be placed into a pool of 5,000 contests, where you’ll compete with other Sleeper users to earn the highest “VS Score''. You may view your pool's leaderboard at any point by tapping "Details" on your contest entry slip.

  • Scoring will be based on the outcome of your predictions. You will have the opportunity to accumulate more points by adding additional players to your contest and making higher difficulty predictions. The more predictions you get correct, the higher your "VS Score". Be careful, losing predictions may send your "VS Score" to zero!


In PicksVS, there are two ways to win a payout!

  1. Accumulate the highest "VS Score" in your pool and win 100x your entry fee.

    1. In the event of a tie for 1st place, the 100x multiplier will be split across all 1st place contests. For example, if there are four contests tied for 1st, each would be eligible to receive a 25x payout (100x ÷ 4).

    2. In the event a pool does not contain any winning entries, the 1st place prize will be awarded to the entry that accumulated the highest "VS Score" from their correct predictions, ignoring any incorrect predictions.

  2. Get enough predictions correct and win your contest's entry fee multiplied by your "VS Score". The payout for building a winning contest is guaranteed, regardless of how the other contests in your pool perform. The number of correct predictions needed for a payout is displayed on your entry screen before submission and will change depending on whether you select a "Max" or "Combo" contest.

The payouts from the two methods do not stack. In the event a winning contest finishes in 1st place, the user will receive the higher of the two payout methods.

Payouts for winning contests generally get paid out within 60 minutes of grading, whereas payouts for a 1st place finish will not be paid out until all the contests in the pool are graded.

Pool Types

To maintain fair and equitable gameplay for all types of users, Sleeper classifies users based on experience as beginner, intermediate, or highly-experienced and offers three PicksVS pool types. At the time of contest submission, eligible users will select a pool type from the options available to them based on their experience level.

  • Regular Pools of 5,000 contests have a 1st place payout of 100x and are available to all users. The maximum entry fee for Regular Pool contests is $50.

  • Intermediate Pools of 20 contests have a 1st place payout of 3x and are not available to highly-experienced users. The maximum entry fee for Intermediate Pool contests is $1.

  • Beginner Pools of 20 contests have a 1st place payout of 3x and are available to beginner users only. The maximum entry fee for Beginner Pool contests is $1.

Note that one user's contests may never account for more than 5% of an individual pool's entries.


For questions or additional information on PicksVS, reach out to our support team directly via Live Chat in-app or send us an email at [email protected].

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