Sleeper is committed to maintaining a fair and equitable paid-entry contest of skill experience for all types of users. As such, Sleeper offers different types of contests for players based on their level of experience playing these game types on our platform.

  • A beginner player is any user that has entered 50 or less DFS contests (SleeperPICKS contests + Daily Draft contests). We recommend that these players start out with our $1 SleeperPICKS contests, which are only available to beginner players. Beginner players additionally have access to beginners-only Daily Draft lobbies.

  • An intermediate (or non-highly experienced) player is any user that has entered between 51 and 999 DFS contests. For beginner and intermediate players, we offer SleeperPICKS contests in the $2 to $5 range which are unavailable to highly-experienced players. Intermediate players additionally have access to Daily Draft lobbies which exclude highly-experienced players. Note that these lobbies are also available to beginner players.

  • A highly-experienced player is any user that has entered 1,000 or more DFS contests OR won 3+ prizes of $1,000 or more*. Note that any user who has won 3+ prizes of $1,000 is considered a highly-experienced player, regardless of how many contests they have entered. Highly-experienced players have a minimum contest entry fee of $6. Once a user has become a highly-experienced player, they cannot be re-categorized. Highly-experienced players can be identified by a special gem under their avatar/username, as displayed below:

    *definition of a highly-experienced player may vary depending on your state

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