Decision on Week 17 Bills vs. Bengals Suspended Game
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First and foremost, we are all thinking of Damar Hamlin and his family after the scary scene that took place on Monday night in Cincinnati. It's heartbreaking to follow the situation, and we can only hope for the best possible outcome.

Given these unprecedented circumstances, we will be scoring Week 17 as is. If the NFL resumes the game at a later time, there will be an option in commissioner tools to re-run Week 17 results. This is an option, not the default.

If your league ends in Week 17, this will crown your champion and then give your league the option to renew/transition the league to 2023. This is what will happen by default.

However, your commissioner(s) have the ultimate say in how they want to handle this within each league.

Even when your league enters a final state, the commissioner can manually modify the scores of a matchup, and then hit the recalculate button to force those through.

As mentioned, this is something we haven't seen before, so we are really encouraging your leaguemates to come together and handle this internally.

Please keep in mind that we're not able to modify any your playoff settings, including changing it to a two-week playoff, extending the current week, or anything else in those settings. We also do not have a way to crown co-champions. There will need to be a sole champion.

We will continue to monitor this situation, and if you have any other questions you can contact us at [email protected].

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