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Adjusting Weekly Lineups/Scores
Adjusting Weekly Lineups/Scores

How do I set point totals or adjust a team's lineup?

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There is an option in the Commissioner Control section that allows you to adjust the lineup for any team in your league. This tool also gives you the ability to change a team's total score.

There are a couple of different reasons a commish may want to use this feature:

  • To award additional points to any team(s)

  • To deduct points from any team(s)

  • To swap out a bench player for a starter for any team

Under Commissioner Control, click on the button for Edit Lineups and Matchup Scores/Records.

Once you open that, you'll have the ability to edit lineups for all completed weeks. 

If you are trying to edit lineups or scores for the current NFL week, you'll need to wait until the final game of the NFL week has been completed.

You can select a team on the left and the desired week near the top right of the screenshot. You can click the edit button to change that team's number of points for the week. You can also click on the position labels to the left of the player's name to highlight him and swap him with a bench player.

When you are done making changes, hit the Recalculate All Matchup Scores for Week button and the scores will be refreshed. 

Once you hit the recalculate button, the league will be notified in the league chat that commish powers were used.

It's possible that your league records may not reflect this change immediately. The records will update on their own when they re-sync automatically overnight.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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