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Note that Combo Contests are in beta testing and are currently only available to select Sleeper users.

In Sleeper Picks and PicksVS, there are two types of contest payout structures. Before entering your contest, you'll have the option to select between a Max payout or a Combo payout on the contest submission screen.

Max contests require you to get all of your picks correct to win a huge payout. Combo contests have more payout options, giving you a better chance of winning in exchange for a lower payout multiplier for a perfect entry.

In addition to a payout for a perfect entry, Combo contests will payout entries even if one or two of your picks are incorrect. Note that the payout option for two incorrect picks only applies to contests with five or more picks.

Combo payouts are only available for contests with three or more picks and a Combo payout multiplier of at least 2x.

In the event one or more of the picks in your Combo contest is voided, the contest will be graded with adjusted Combo payouts as if the voided player was never included. If the voided picks leave only two players remaining, the contest will be treated as a 2-pick Max contest.

In line with Picks rules which apply to all contests, entries must include at least one player from multiple teams. If a contest entry only has eligible players from one team due to a voided pick, the entire contest entry will be canceled and refunded.

For more information on voided picks, refer to our Sleeper Picks Rules.

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