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Daily Draft Rules
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Welcome to Sleeper Daily Draft, a game where you draft a fantasy team to compete in weekly real money contests against other users! Enter a $1 contest to draft and compete against other users' lineups. After the draft, you'll have the option to enter your lineup into higher stakes bonus contests to win bigger payouts.

Drafting Your Team

It's time to draft! Drafts begin automatically every 5 minutes and are available to enter 24 hours a day. Entering a draft requires a $1 entry fee. In your draft, you will be randomly assigned a draft position and seven opponents to draft against. CPU bots will auto draft in place of missing opponents in the instance where your draft is not completely filled. All drafts will follow a snake draft format and use a timer of 15 seconds per pick.

NFL drafts will consist of eight rounds, through which you must fill a roster for the upcoming week which contains 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 2 FLEX. Your drafted roster will accumulate PPR fantasy points for the upcoming week, similar to a traditional fantasy football lineup.

Draft Contests

After the draft is complete, your $1 entry fee will automatically submit you into a contest to win real money against seven other users' lineups. Generally, your $1 contest will be against the users you drafted with, but on occasion (for example, when your draft contains CPU bots), you may compete in a $1 contest against players from different draft pools. Because of this, you and your opponents may occasionally share the same players in your lineups.

In a draft contest, you and seven other users' lineups will be ranked based on the number of points your drafted lineup accumulates. At the end of the NFL week, the top three lineups based on fantasy points scored will receive a payout:


1st / $4

2nd / $2

3rd / $1

Bonus Contests

Had a great draft? Loving your lineup? After the draft is complete, you will have ten minutes to decide if you want to enter your team into any bonus contests, which have higher entry fees and bigger payouts. After the ten minute timer has elapsed, you will no longer be able to enter your lineup into contests.

There are two types of bonus contests, head-to-head contests and group contests. In head-to-head bonus contests, you will compete against one other user for one payout. In group contests, you will compete against seven other users for three payouts. You are allowed to enter up to 10 total contests with a single drafted lineup. In bonus contests, you will often be matched up against users from other draft pools. As such, you and your opponents' lineups may contain some of the same players.

Note that you are not guaranteed to successfully find an opponent to be matched against for any bonus contests you enter. In the event that you are not matched by game start, your bonus contest entry will be refunded.

Bonus contests have entry fee options ranging from $5 up to $1,000, with payouts based on entry fee:





1st / $9


1st / $18


1st / $45


1st / $90


1st / $180





1st / $20

2nd / $10

3rd / $5


1st / $40

2nd / $20

3rd / $10


1st / $110

2nd / $50

3rd / $20


1st / $210

2nd / $100

3rd / $50


1st / $420

2nd / $200

3rd / $100

Scoring Rules

All NFL scoring in Daily Draft follows Sleeper's standard PPR scoring format:



Passing Yards

0.04 per yard (1 point every 25 yards)

Passing TD


Pass Intercepted


Rushing / Receiving Yards

0.10 per yard (1 point every 10 yards)

Rushing / Receiving TD




Passing / Rushing / Receiving 2-Pt Conversion


Fumble Lost


Special Teams / Fumble Recovery TD


Other Rules

  • Draft wisely! Players who do not play for any reason, including due to injuries that occur either before or during a game, will remain in your lineup and will not impact the status of your contest.

  • Daily Draft contests cannot be edited or canceled once entered.

  • Daily Draft NFL contests will be graded and paid out on Monday night in the hours following the conclusion of the last game of the week. Note that all contest results are final once graded and will not be impacted by official NFL stat corrections made on Tuesday or later.

  • In the event of a tie in a contest between two or more users, the tiebreaker will go to the lineup which contains the highest scoring player. If the highest scoring player is also a tie, the tiebreaker will move down to the second highest scoring player, and, if necessary, continue to move down players until the tie is broken.

  • Players will become unavailable to select in Daily Draft in the 30 to 60 minutes leading up to kick off, depending on the game's start time. You will never be matched up in a contest against a user who selected from a different pool of players than you did.

  • You must make at least one draft pick manually to be entered into a draft or a bonus contest. In the event you auto pick your entire lineup, your draft will be voided and refunded.

  • There is a maximum of one entry per user per contest. A user may never control multiple teams in a draft or submit multiple teams into the same draft contest or bonus contest.

  • On rare occasions, the draft timer may pause for 30 to 60 seconds, and sometimes longer. This pause impacts the timer for user draft picks and delays CPU autopicks.

Beginner & Intermediate Drafts

Beginner and intermediate drafts function similarly to standard drafts, but are restricted to certain users. Beginner drafts are only available to users who have entered 50 or less DFS contests on Sleeper. Intermediate drafts are available to all users except highly-experienced players.

A highly-experienced player is a user who has entered 1,000+ DFS contests or won $1,000+ in three or more DFS contests. Highly-experienced players are prohibited from entering beginner and intermediate drafts. These users can be identified by a yellow gem icon next to their username.

Beginner and intermediate drafts start every 30 minutes. Any contests you submit with your beginner or intermediate draft lineup will be held against other users who drafted in the same user pool.

Age & Location Restrictions

Refer to our articles Who Can Play? and Where Can I Play? for details on Daily Draft age and location restrictions.

Questions or Feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Contact [email protected] with any questions, issues, or feedback. We want to do everything we can to make sure you have a fantastic experience playing Daily Draft.

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