2022 NFL Positional Tag Update

Our decision on Deebo Samuel, Cordarrelle Patterson, and others

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Our team took some time this offseason to consider how we should handle positional eligibility for a handful of players who've typically been in more of a hybrid role over the last few years.

On June 27th, 2022 we made decisions to:

  • Remove the WR tag from Cordarrelle Patterson

  • Commit to keeping Deebo Samuel as a WR only for the 2022 season

In addition, we made a few adjustments to some lesser owned players earlier in the year.

On March 25th, 2022 we made the following changes:

  • Removed the WR tag from Juwan Johnson

  • Removed the WR tag from Demetric Felton

With those changes listed above, we no longer have any players who carry two or more offensive positions. We will continue to monitor the usage of all players and add/modify positional tags as necessary.

We are fully aware of the impact that these decisions can have on a league, especially for those who have already drafted. As a reminder, Sleeper reserves the right to modify a player's positions at any time.

It's important that we follow players' real-life positions and reflect those on the platform as best we can.

You can read more about how we handle all NFL positional changes, or submit a request to modify a player's position here:

If you have any questions, you can direct them to [email protected].

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