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Positional Designations Info & Requests 🏈
Positional Designations Info & Requests 🏈

Everything you need to know about players' positional tags for fantasy football

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Starting in 2022, we began handling fantasy football designations differently, and we want to provide you with those details so you know what to expect.

Players can be assigned to 8 different positions:


On offense, we do not have any players with multiple offensive positions.

On the defensive side, it's more common for players to hold two positions.

Determining Positional Eligibility

To start, we follow the official team designations to determine the player's primary position.

Due to how often players move around, this can cause the need for added and modified positions throughout the year.

We do not use any minimum thresholds for games or time played at a specific position as a way of determining who deserves a specific positional tag.

Instead, we determine this based on past and expected usage for that player. We handle these on a case-by-case basis and closely look at how consistently they've been playing there, how their team is using them, and how far into the season the league is.

Timeline of Positional Adjustments

We understand that these positions can directly impact users' rosters and draft decisions, especially for those in dynasty leagues.

With that in mind, we will not remove any positions from a player during the NFL regular season unless we feel that it is absolutely warranted.

The further we progress into the NFL regular season, the less likely we are to add positions to any player. We don't want to suddenly give a user a big advantage with a few weeks remaining in their season or in the fantasy playoffs unless the player clearly warrants a new positional tag.

Once the NFL season comes to an end, we will remove and modify any positions as necessary. Throughout the offseason, we will continue to make adjustments based on past and expected usage.

Requesting Positional Changes

With so much player movement, it's very common for us to add a position to a player, and we're giving users a direct way to offer input.

By selecting the request option below, you can fill out a Google Form with the details of which player you feel warrants a new position or should have one removed.

The responses submitted are sent directly to us for review. We require that you are logged into your email in order to access the form, and a copy of your submission will be sent to you automatically.

Please keep in mind that these submissions do not guarantee a positional change, nor do they warrant a response from Sleeper. Rest assured, our team will review all submissions regularly.

Sleeper reserves the right to modify a player's positions at any time.

Commissioners do not have the ability to modify player positions for their league.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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