How Do I Set Up My Sleeper Wallet?

Setting up your Sleeper Wallet

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Setting up your Sleeper Wallet is a required step in order to enter into any of our DFS contests. You must first link a payment method to your Sleeper Wallet, which is unique to each user and contains a balance in US or CAD dollars. This balance -- comprised of deposited or gifted (via certain promotions) funds, as well as contest winnings -- can be used to participate in DFS contests, or is available to be remitted to the user’s bank account.* All users must first pass a Know Your Customer (“KYC”) identity verification check before a bank account can be added to their Sleeper Wallet.

Once a verified user has linked a US bank account to their Sleeper Wallet, a subsequent deposit must be made to ensure the validity of the bank account. If a user chooses to deposit funds at a later time, an automated $1.00 transfer from their bank account to their Sleeper Wallet will be applied to validate that bank account.

* Please note that while some gifted (or promotional) funds are available to be withdrawn immediately, users may have to play-through other such funds for these to become eligible for withdrawal.

Deposit match up to $100 on your first deposit using code PLAY -- Restrictions apply, see terms and conditions

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