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Responsible Play Information & Tools
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Sleeper wants you to enjoy our games and use them responsibly. We are committed to maintaining a safe and accountable experience for our users. As part of our pledge to ensure responsible play, we have partnered with Birches Health, a leading national online treatment provider, to offer proactive resources and responsible gaming support.

Birches Health provides insurance-covered care from licensed, specialized clinical counselors. Sleeper users in need can meet with a specialized provider and receive a customized treatment plan to get resources and care quickly and securely. Take an assessment and get a free consultation today.


  • Learn about the sign and impacts of at-risk problem gaming behaviors so that you can more easily identify them

  • When engaging in gaming, make it a point to do so for fun

  • Pick a spending cap and stick to it

  • Pick a time limit for how long you will play and follow it

  • Make sure you understand how each game works before you dive in

  • Always play with your own funds, not borrowed funds

  • Keep a healthy balance by engaging in a variety of other fun activities, not just gaming

  • Don't play to win back what you have lost. Don't chase losses

  • Don't play if you are recovering from a dependency and/or are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances

  • Don't play if it interferes with your daily life and/or other responsibilities

  • Don't play if you are feeling down or stressed out


Do you want to build healthy habits and/or learn more about responsible gaming? Birches Health can provide digital resources and education, on-line assessments, and clinical treatments. Birches Health believes finances should never limit access to care so their virtual care is covered by insurance and is 100% secure and confidential. CLICK HERE to access free resources, speak confidentially with a gaming specialist about healthy behavior, and/or receive a clinical assessment and personalized treatment plan within 24 hours.


If you or someone you know has a play problem and/or trouble controlling participation in gaming, please utilize the following resources:

· The National Council on Problem Gaming (NCPG) operates a 24-hour confidential toll-free helpline that you can reach by phone or text at 1-800-426-2537 or chat at

· BetBlocker is a free tool that helps people control their gambling. You can install it on multiple devices and block access to a host of gambling/gaming sites.

State-Specific Problem Play Resource Contacts


Contact Numbers



Call: 211


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-NEXT-STEP

Text: NEXT-STEP to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342



Call or Text: 800-522-4700


Call 888-789-7777


Call 888-850-8888 or Text: 302-438-8888


Call or Text: 888-236-4848


Call: 800-715-4225


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER


Call: 800-994-8448 or 866-699-4274; Tex: INGAMB to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 877-770-STOP


Call: 207-520-0293


Call: 800-426-2537


Call: 617-624-5012 or 800-327-5050


Call: 800-270-7117


Call: 800-333-HOPE or Text: HOPE To 53342


Call: 888-777-9696 or Text: MSGAMBLER to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER

Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 888-900-9979


Call or Text: 833-238-6837


Call: 702-369-9740

New Hampshire

Call: 603-724-1605

New Jersey

Call: 800-GAMBLER

New Mexico

Call: 800-572-1142

New York

Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342

North Carolina

Call 877-718-5543

North Dakota

Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-589-9966 or Text: 4hope to 741741


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 877-MY-LIMIT or Text: 503-713-6000


Call: 215-643-4542

Rhode Island

Call: 877-9GAMBLE

South Carolina

Call: 877-452-5155

South Dakota

Call: 888-781-HELP


Call or Text: 800-889-9789


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: SUPPORT to 53342


Call: 800-488-6000


Call: 888-532-3500


Call or Text: 800-547-6133

Washington DC

Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: 800GAM

West Virginia

Call: 800-426-2537


Call: 800-426-2535 or Text: 850-888-4673


Call or Text: 800-522-4700

U.S. Territories

Call: 800-GAMBLER or Text: 800GAM



Any of our users are able to self-exclude themselves from participating in paid-entry contests. In order to self-exclude, simply click on Responsible Gaming under App & Support in your profile within the Sleeper app. From there, select "Self Exclusion" and follow the prompts. Electing to self-exclude will prevent you from participating in paid-entry contests within our platform; please note that certain restrictions may apply, and once you have selected a self-exclusion period you will not be able to access our paid-entry contests of skill until that exclusion period has ended. Self-exclusion will not prohibit you from using our free-to-play games or making withdrawals from your Sleeper Wallet.

Limits on Play

Any of our users are able to create certain types of limitations on their play. In order to enable such limits, simply click on Responsible Gaming under App & Support in your profile within the Sleeper app. From there, select "Limits on Play" and follow the prompts. These limits will alter your ability to participate in paid-entry contests within our platform; please note that certain restrictions may apply, including but not limited to, a required black-out period before you can reverse certain limitations. Enabling these limits will not prohibit you from using our free-to-play games or making withdrawals from your Sleeper Wallet.

In some jurisdictions, third-parties can request limitations on the play of others. If you are a third-party who can and wishes to limit the play of another, simply e-mail [email protected] with the subject line: “THIRD-PARTY REQUEST TO LIMIT PLAY.” In the body of the e-mail, please note the name and/or username of the person you wish to limit and what limits you are seeking. Our team will respond with any necessary documentation that is required for us make a determination on enabling your requested limits. Please note that such third-party requests are only allowable under certain state laws and unless obligated to do so pursuant to such law, Sleeper is under no obligation to grant such requests.

Statutory Limits on Deposits

Please note that certain jurisdictions may have statutory limitations on the amount you can deposit into your Sleeper Wallet. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have questions regarding certain state limits on deposits. State specific deposit limits for Sleeper include:

  • Massachusetts: $1,000.00 USD/month

  • Tennessee: $2,500.00 USD/month

No Minors

Sleeper verifies all accounts for age and eligibility using applicable legal guidelines. If minors (as defined under applicable statute) have access to your computer or mobile device, please consider adding parental controls to prevent access to Sleeper’s paid-entry contests. If a minor is found to be participating in paid-entry contests on Sleeper, the account that minor was using will be closed and withdrawals will be frozen, pending review.

Keep Your Account Safe

Do not let others use your account

Always lock your device when you are not using it. It is against Sleeper’s Terms of Use to allow others to use your account.

Password Strength / Changes

We recommend that you secure your account with a unique, strong password. This is the best practice for ensuring the safety of your account. Additionally, we also recommend that you change and update your password, from time to time, in order to remain one step ahead of any possible security and/or data breach.

Password reset

If you have forgotten your password, or at any time are concerned that someone may have accessed your account without your permission, please reset your password. You can reset your password on our website or through our mobile app.

Look for suspicious account activity

We recommend continually reviewing your account, payment, and play activity/information in order to ensure that it is correct and up to date. If you feel that suspicious activity is occurring on your account, please contact us immediately at [email protected].

Parental Controls

Sleeper verifies all user accounts for age, location, and other eligibility requirements. If you are a parent and your minor child (<18) lives in your household and has (or may have) access to your mobile phone, tablet, computer, Sleeper account/login information, and/or personal information (e-mail, bank account, credit card, etc.), we encourage you to consider installing parental control software to prevent access to our paid-entry contests of skill, such as Net Nanny (Call US Toll Free at 1-800-485-4008).

You can also contact us at [email protected] and we can help you close or further protect your account from unwanted access by your minor child.

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