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🏀 Postponed Games in Game Pick mode
🏀 Postponed Games in Game Pick mode

What happens when a game is postponed in Game Pick mode?

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Postponed games do not count as part of the game slate for the week.

Therefore, if no valid game is selected for your player, then Sleeper will automatically default to the last non-postponed game of the week for your player.

Below are a couple of scenarios that could happen, and what you can expect:

Scenario 1 (Last game of the week is postponed)

  • Your player plays on Monday, Friday, and Sunday, and you selected Sunday.

  • Your player scored 25 fantasy points on Friday, but then on Saturday, you find out that the Sunday game is postponed.

  • In this scenario, if you keep your player in your starting lineup, they will automatically receive 25 fantasy points at the end of the week, since Friday was the last non-postponed game of the week.

(NOTE: if you move your starter to the bench, you cannot move him back to a starter in this case since they no longer have future games in the week. You must keep them in the starter slot to accept the points)

Scenario 2 (Game is postponed midweek)

  • Your player plays on Monday, Friday, and Sunday, and you selected Friday.

  • You find out on Thursday, that Friday game is postponed.

  • Then the Friday game will become deselected, and Sunday now becomes the default. However, you can still move your player in and out of the lineup by swapping with a bench player who has an upcoming game.

  • If the Sunday game then becomes postponed, then the player will receive points from Monday's game. If you then swap out the player from the lineup after the postponed announcement for the Sunday game, it will not take into account a previously played game anymore, even if you put them back in.

Scenario 3 (Non-Postponed Games)

  • Your player plays on Monday, Friday, and Sunday. You selected Sunday.

  • The player does not play on Sunday either due to rest or coaching decision,

  • You will get points for the player's previously played game of that week

Here's the support document that describes how Game Pick works.

What if all of a player's games are postponed?

In the case that a player has all of their games postponed in a matchup week, you cannot accumulate any points from them. This would automatically result in zero points.

All of these postponed rules and scenarios have been in place since the start of the season. These have not been modified in any way since then.

If you have any further questions about postponed games and how they work, please email [email protected].

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