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What do all the icons mean in your fantasy basketball leagues?

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Opponent Defensive Ranks

Vs. SG - This value represents the opposition's rank against that specific position. A green number indicates that this is a better matchup for your player. An orange number implies that the matchup is average, and a red one means that it’s a difficult matchup. Higher numbers in this section are better for your offensive player and those are more preferable matchups.

Overall - This value represents the team as a whole and how well opposing players do against this defense. When viewing the overall rank, green numbers (which are higher) indicate a better matchup and your player is more likely to perform better.

Pace - This refers to the volume of possessions an opposing team has per 48 minutes. Teams with up-tempo playing styles result in more offensive opportunities for your player. In this case, lower numbers are better and in green.

News Icons

Next to your players, you'll see a small rectangular news icon. If you look at Brandon Miller in the screenshot below, you'll see he has that icon:

The orange square icon means that there is an unread news update for that player. In the image above, De'Aaron Fox has an update which you can read by tapping on and viewing on his player card.

Clint Capela does not have an icon, which means that he either doesn't have any news, or you already viewed it.

Orange Dot

In the screenshot above, you may notice that there is an orange dot underneath a specific day for your players. This is to indicate which day of the week we are currently on, just to assist you visually as you look to select games for each player.


If you tap on the circle icon for a player on the matchup page, you'll see a portion of their card that looks like this:

This screen with a weekly schedule indicates what percentage of Sleeper users select each game for that player.

Using the above screenshot as an example, 68% of users who own Deandre Ayton selected Wednesday's game against Atlanta in Week 4. Only 2% selected Saturday's game against Indiana, which could be a tougher matchup. It could also be a bit risky since it's the second half of a back to back, and some players will see fewer minutes in those situations.

Player Status

  • Probable - Very likely to play

  • Game-Time Decision (GTD) - Player has a 50/50 chance to play

  • Day-to-Day (DTD) - Player is very unlikely to play

  • Out - Player will not play

  • Suspended - Player is suspended and will not play

  • IR - Player is critically injured and will not play

If your player has a green or red arrow next to them, this means that they have been either added or dropped by many teams across Sleeper in the last few days.

If you have any other questions about what certain things mean in fantasy basketball, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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