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On Sleeper, you can trade 365 days a year. Our leagues are open year-round to allow users to continue their league activity.

Draft pick trading is available for every league type — Redraft, Keeper, and Dynasty.

*For Redraft leagues, you can only trade draft picks leading up to that season's draft.

We believe that a true redraft league should give owners a completely fresh start and a brand new set of picks each season.

If you would like to trade future picks in a league, you could change it to a keeper league and then not select any keepers, and it will work the same way.

You can turn draft pick trading on in League Settings.

Can we trade players during a draft?

Yes. Trades are still able to be made during a draft, but only for previously owned players. You won't be able to trade a player who was just drafted. If a player was owned prior to the current draft, they can be traded at any time.

Can we trade draft picks during a draft?

Yes, you can trade picks as normal and they will update on your league's draftboard.

If you're in a startup draft and looking to trade rookie picks for a supplemental draft to be held later, you'll have to wait. You cannot trade picks for the supplemental drafts until the startup draft has been completed.

Can I veto a trade?

We allow the commissioner(s) to make the decision around canceling trades, thus do not support veto-ing currently. We may add veto as a feature in the future, but it would never be a default due to how often it is abused for perfectly fine trades.

If your league has rules around voting to pass a trade or cancel a pending trade, one way to do it is to put up a poll for the specific egregious trade, and if it passes a certain amount, the commissioner manually cancels it.

What if my trade involves players who have started for the week?

There are some scenarios in your league that may come up where teams agree to a trade shortly before games are scheduled to be played, or after they already have been.

Once accepted, the trade enters a review period, which is determined in your league settings.

Once a trade processes:

  • Any player who has yet to play for that week is available to the new team immediately

  • Any player who has already played that week is locked into the original team's roster, along with any points. The team acquiring him will not be able to use him or any earned points until the following week. They will appear as "Off Roster" in the original owner's team.

With those two points in mind, it is possible for one owner to use both players involved in a trade in one week, while the other owner can't use any.

It's important to be aware of this when accepting and offering trades. It may be best to wait a day or two to accept the trade. If needed, the commissioner has the ability to process a trade immediately instead of waiting for the full review time.

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