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FAQ about Game Pick Mode and unusual player situations

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Our Game Pick Mode can only be accessed with renewed leagues. We strongly recommend that your league uses our Lock-In Mode.

When are rosters locked?

Each week, you have to select one game per player to start them in. Your individual players will be locked into your roster once their selected game begins. After that, you will not be able to move or drop that player until that matchup ends, which is early Monday morning.

If the player plays zero minutes and zero seconds, they'll be unlocked after the game is final. Then, you can choose a later game (if possible) or sub out that player for another who has an upcoming game that same week.

When can I drop a player?

You cannot drop someone who you started until the matchup week is complete. This means if they have already started, you'll need to wait until early Monday morning to drop them.

If you want to drop a player on your bench, or who hasn't started your selected game, you can do that at any time.

What if I don't select a game for a player?

By default, Sleeper will select the last game of the week for every player. Those points will count as normal even if you do not change the selection.

What if my player doesn't play in a selected game?

If a user picks a game in which the player did not play (injured or game suspended), it will then default to the player's previous game.

If the original selected game was the final game of the week and the player did not play, then the same applies (we will use the previous game played starting from the end of the week)

If a user selects a game where the NBA player had zero minutes and zero seconds played, Sleeper will de-select your selected game after the game is over so that you are free to sub out the player or choose a later game.

Sleeper will unlock the NBA player after the NBA game is over.

When the last game of the week is postponed, Sleeper will do something different for selected games.

What happens if I select the last game, and the game is postponed?

Sleeper will pick the last non-postponed game at the end of the week.

Read the full details for postponed games here.

If you have any other questions, please email us at [email protected] and we can help you out.

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