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🏀 Can I draft on the web app?
🏀 Can I draft on the web app?

A way to view your fantasy basketball draftboard on web

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Our fantasy basketball game is currently limited to the mobile app. We do hope to eventually fully support it on the web, but for now, it's strictly mobile.

However, we do have a way where you can bring up your draftboard on web.

Go to your league on mobile and enter your draftboard as you normally would. In the top right, tap on the settings icon and then select Copy Draft URL to Share:

Now, send yourself that link via text message or third-party and open it on a desktop or laptop.

Now, you'll have your fantasy basketball draftboard up on a bigger screen. We encourage you to still use the mobile app to draft because the web draftboard will have limited functions. You can still draft from it and use it more of a reference than anything else, but you won't be able to view player cards, projections, or utilize the Queue, Roster, and Chat tabs.

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