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🏀 How to Conduct a Mock Draft
🏀 How to Conduct a Mock Draft

Learn how to run multiple mock drafts

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On Sleeper, you're able to create as many mock drafts as you'd like. We refer to mock drafts as "Draftboards".

Create a Draftboard

On the mobile app, you can find a draftboard icon at the top of your list of leagues. Tap on that to get started. On the web app, underneath your list of leagues, you can click on Draftboards (Mock Drafts).

That will bring you to a screen that shows any current mock drafts you have, along with an option to start one for football, basketball, or League of Legends.

As soon as you press on your desired sport, you'll have your draftboard!
You'll see that you can claim which spot you'd like on the draftboard, and you can also get an invite link to share:

Modify Draft Settings

In the upper-right corner, you'll see a settings icon where you can customize the mock draft to your liking.

You can set the time per pick, roster size and choose the number of teams, and if you want rookies or vets only instead of all players.

You will also see options to choose if you want the draft to be a snake or linear draft, or if you'd like to enable 3rd Round Reversal.

You can even pre-set any keepers on certain squares before the draft begins!

 Invite Others

You can draft against the CPU, real people, or both!

To invite other people, just copy your draftboard link and share it with them.


Once you are ready, start the draft. You can pause it at any team and edit any mistakes or changes to selections.

Once your mock draft is complete, you'll have the option to convert that right into a new league. And you can also share it on social media.

You won't have to worry about saving your draftboard in any way as we do that for you!

We save all of your previous mock draft results so that you can access them at any time.

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