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🏀 Inviting Friends and Finding Public Leagues
🏀 Inviting Friends and Finding Public Leagues

Learn where to post invites and find league openings

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Each league has a unique link that you can share with your friends or anyone else on or off of Sleeper. Anybody in the league can share this link, not just the commissioner.

Your league's custom invite URL can be accessed via your league homepage and also in the league settings.

You can share this link with your friends through whichever means most convenient (i.e., email, text, social media), and the recipient of the link will automatically get dropped into the league.

You can also invite users with the press of a button on the mobile app. This includes your friends on Sleeper, your contacts, and any other user on the platform.

How do I invite a co-owner?

Only the specific team owner can invite a co-owner through their league settings.
Make sure the co-owner is not already a part of the league. You're allowed to have up to 3 co-owners.

How do I find public leagues?

We have two dedicated channels for fantasy basketball.

In the Fantasy Basketball Chat channel, you can find leagues to join that other users have posted and you can also promote your own.

Also in this channel, you can create new topics and post questions surrounding fantasy basketball. Ask others start/sit decisions, rate your team, or get their insight on a potential trade.

In the Fantasy Basketball Alerts channel, you can subscribe to get push notifications for the latest news and updates. You'll be able to get breaking news, player injury updates, trade rumors, and more in this channel. If you want to get an edge on your leaguemates, you'd be wise to get in on these alerts!

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