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What is the 24-Hour Rule?
What is the 24-Hour Rule?

Learn how our default rule is enforced and when

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We have a default rule in place to help keep things fair on Sleeper.

Any player added via free agency must be owned for a 24-hour minimum before being dropped, or else they will go straight back to free agency instead of waivers.

This rule is in place to prevent owners from adding and dropping several players prior to a game (Sunday morning for example), which would make the players unavailable to the rest of the league.

If I make a free-agent add of Justin Jefferson on Sunday at 10 a.m. and I drop him 1 hour later, he will be a free agent again.

Now, If I were to acquire Justin Jefferson with a waiver claim that processed at 10 a.m. and I drop him 1 hour later, he will go back on After Drop Waivers.

This default rule is consistent among all leagues and cannot be modified or disabled. If you have any questions about it, please email us at [email protected]

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