On Sleeper, we give commissioners full control of their leagues, so they are given a ton of options and settings to work with.

When a commissioner uses one of the more advanced tools, there will be a message that appears in the league chat automatically. This is intentional on our end so that the rest of the league is aware that the commish took this action.

We will not offer an option to disable these from appearing in the league chat.

These are the following commissioner actions that will automatically send a chat message in the league chat:

  • Change in scoring settings

  • Updating the draft time

  • Resetting the league to pre-draft mode

  • Removing a user from the league

  • Editing Lineups and Matchup Scores/Records

  • Force Add/Drop of players

  • Unassigning and assigning users to teams

  • Updating league notes

  • Updating nicknames

  • Randomizing the draft order

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