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What are exploding trades?
What are exploding trades?

Learn how to send trades that self-destruct

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Do you ever get tired of proposing a trade to a league mate, only to have it sit there for days, weeks, or maybe even months?

💣 BOOM! 💣

Now, you can send a proposal that self-destructs after a certain amount of time:

You and your league mate will be able to see a countdown timer for when that trade expires:

Imagine how intense your trade deadline day will be with self-destructing trades on the table!

Maybe you're having second thoughts about that trade and want to pull it back. No problem.

You can easily withdraw it, but we've added the ability for users to modify a trade offer. If a league mate seems hesitant, modify the offer by tossing in a draft pick of some FAAB:

Once you modify a trade offer, any exploding trade timer that you set for it will reset. This will prevent users from modifying a trade seconds or minutes before it expires.

Exploding trades are only available through the mobile app. Users will not be able to view or access these features on the web app at this time.

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