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Does Sleeper have Covid-19 and Opt-out tags?
Does Sleeper have Covid-19 and Opt-out tags?

Learn how we will handle these different designations

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Do you have a specific Covid-19 designation?

Yes! We have a separate injury designation for these players.

How are players with Covid-19 be handled?

As soon as a player receives the Covid-19 tag, they will be eligible for IR in your fantasy league as long as the commissioner has enabled the option for "Allow Covid Players on IR."

A player will only get the Covid-19 tag if they are placed on the real-life NFL Covid-19 Reserve List. This list means that the player has either tested positive for the virus or is in quarantine after potentially being exposed to it, but the NFL teams are not permitted to disclose the exact reason based on an agreement between the NFL and NFLPA.

The NFL does not have a minimum length of time that a player has to remain on the list. They are able to come off of it as soon as they are deemed healthy.

More IR spots

Of course, the Covid-19 Reserve List could create a higher amount of players who become eligible for IR in your fantasy league.

To help with this, we have increased the maximum number of IR spots from 5 to 10. If you happen to need more than 10 IR spots, we recommend that your league add bench spots.

How will opt-out players be handled?

Any player who opts out for the NFL season will get a DNR (Did Not Report) tag. These players can be made eligible for IR as long as the commissioner enables that option in the general settings.

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