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Can you remove me from a past league?
Can you remove me from a past league?

Learn how to leave and archive leagues

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Once the scoring for a season has started, we do not allow users to leave or delete leagues, even if that season has ended.

How to Leave a League

If you want to leave a league before it has started, follow these next steps.

Go into League Settings, go all the way down to the bottom. You should see a "Leave League" option. Once you press that you will leave the league and no longer see it anywhere, even in the archive section.

How to Archive a League

If you want to stay in the league so you can go back and look at past scoring/standings, but not have it included with your active leagues, then these steps will show you how to archive these leagues.

Go to your list of leagues and press on this icon:

Then, you can press on the box icon to the left of a specific league to archive it. It won't delete the league, but it will hide it from the active screen so it's not visible.

Any archived leagues will appear underneath the list of your active leagues. You can make them visible again at any time by pressing on the plus icon.

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