⚔️ What are Picks & Bans?

Learn why this default setting is enforced and cannot be disabled

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In order to add another layer of strategy to the game, there is one other twist we’ve added when it comes to matchups, and those are picks and bans.

Every week, each team can select one champion per player they own to accumulate double the points. A champion is a character that the League of Legends players will choose to play with against their opponent.

This is where a lot of strategies come into play, and it’s recommended to do some research as you consider your options. You can view detailed player cards by pressing on any champion right within the app.

Additionally, each user can select one champion per player to ban from the opponent's lineup for that week. That means those points will not count in your league's matchup, regardless of how many that champion accumulates.

The strategy is to outsmart your opponent by choosing the right champions to pick for your players, and banning the right ones for your opponent.

As shown in the photos above, this team is relying on Miss Fortune for bonus points and has banned Aphelios from their opponent's lineup.

What happens if my opponent and I select the same champion?

It is very possible that you pick Miss Fortune, but your opponent also bans Miss Fortune from your lineup. In this case, there won't be any points for picks or bans, but the player can still get their regular, or normal, amount of points.

What if the champion I ban gets negative points?

A correct ban will still nullify negative points and a correct pick will double negative points.

What happens if I don't select a pick or ban?

If you do not select these for the upcoming matches, they will be randomly selected for your right before the games begin.

Can we remove the pick & bans feature?

The pick & ban setting creates additional interaction and attention each week and replicates the real-life decision making that is similar to other fantasy sports.

Without the pick & ban feature, fantasy LoL could still be entertaining, but it'd likely cause many users to never check their lineup.

We plan on keeping the pick & ban feature moving forward, and do not intend to give users the option of disabling it.

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