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Does Sleeper offer a trade block?
Does Sleeper offer a trade block?

Learn about our Trade Block and Trade Interest features

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We offer a fully functional Trade Block in our mobile app, along with some other great features.

Below, you can find out how to add players to your trade block and show other league mates that you're interested in their players.

Trade Block

You can press on a player to access their card. From there, place them on the trade block:

We've added a place to add players on the trade block, but it's more than just that. The players you select will appear in your league chat to kickstart conversation and trade talk with your league mates.

Trade Interest

Similar to how you can place players on your trading block, you can now select players that you're interested in trading for.

You can view which team owners are interested in your players by going to the Trade Center and tapping on "View Rosters."

Under the column for your team, you'll see a heart icon next to each player. If the heart has a number in it, that's how many teams are interested in that player, and you can tap on the icon to bring up a list of those teams.

A Better Trading View

We've made it easier to see a full list of rosters for each team. This allows you to quickly add players to your trading block or show interest in players who you don't own.

You're able to scroll the page vertically and horizontally to sort through each team's roster and quickly see the breakdown of each team:

Keep in mind, that the Trade Block and Trade Interest features are available in the mobile app only. You're not able to access or view these options on the web version at this time.

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