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Where can I view my trade offers?
Where can I view my trade offers?

Learn how you can accept or decline a trade proposal

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Trading is a big part of fantasy football and we encourage teams to do so over the course of the entire year. Once you renew your league each season, you can open up trading for the whole offseason.

You can view any trades that were proposed to you by going to your team.

Viewing Offers on Mobile:

When your league is in pre-draft mode, scroll down to the list of teams on your league homepage and press on yours. Then, press on Trades, at the top.

If your league doesn't have a draft scheduled, you can go to the "My Team" tab, and then press on "Trade" at the top.

Then, it will show you that there is an offer waiting for your review, and it will look something like this:

Press on that to view the details:

Viewing Offers on Web:

Once you are at your league home page, click the Trades button to view your active trades.

Once you click on "View" it will open a window that allows you to view the detail of the trade and if you'd like to accept or decline it.

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