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Can I limit available draft pick years?
Can I limit available draft pick years?

Learn how these are automatically applied with draft pick trading

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At Sleeper, we offer the option for draft pick trading in all of our leagues: Redraft, Keeper, and Dynasty.

*For Redraft leagues, you can only trade draft picks leading up to that season's draft.

We believe that a true redraft league should give owners a completely fresh start and a brand new set of picks each season.

If you would like to trade future picks in a league, you could change it to a keeper league and then not select any keepers, and it will work the same way.

Can I limit the years the picks are available?

When you turn on the draft pick trading in your keeper or dynasty league, you'll see the future picks appear in each team. These will include the current year and then three more seasons after that:

We do not offer a way yet to limit those to 1 to 2 years at this time. We also aren't able to make them available any further out. So you won't be able to see 2024 picks until your league has completed a 2021 draft.

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