Why didn't my waivers run?

Learn why your waivers haven't processed and how you can force them through at any time

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Waivers are a huge part of a fantasy league, so we understand that these need to run at your desired days and times each week. That's why we allow the commissioner to customize them to your league's liking.

Due to the fact that we have 3 different waiver options for you to enable, it can cause a little confusion and you may overlook them.

We strongly encourage you to review all of your waiver settings before the NFL regular season begins. Otherwise, we can run into a period where your league thought the waivers would process, but instead, everyone is wondering why they didn't, and it can get chaotic.

Why didn't my waivers run?

If your waiver processing time has passed and waivers have not processed, please don't adjust any settings. Once you adjust them, we're not able to diagnose and give you a specific reason as to why they hadn't cleared.

Often times, users will try to adjust the time and push the processing time to the next hour, and it won't work. That's because every time we edit or save the waiver settings, it takes some time (up to a few hours) for the changes to be applied.

So if your waivers do not clear at the desired processing time, please contact us at [email protected] before changing any settings.

How can I push waivers through now?

You can always push any pending waiver claims through by turning off all 3 waiver options and saving those changes.

It can take up to 10-15 minutes, but your waivers will process and then appear in your league chat.

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