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Do you support guillotine leagues?
Do you support guillotine leagues?

Learn how to make these work on Sleeper

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Guillotine leagues focus on just points instead of head-to-head matchups. They start with their entire league, but then each week, the team with the lowest score is eliminated. This continues each week until two teams are left for the championship.

We don't have a specific option for guillotine leagues, but many Sleeper users are utilizing a workaround for it.

Here's how you can run a guillotine league on Sleeper:

You're still going to have matchups and records in your league, but you don't have to pay attention to those.

Once Week 1 goes final, you'll be able to see everybody's score, and you'll see who has the lowest score.

Keep in mind that stat corrections can occur through Wednesday night, at the latest. These could potentially alter scores, so it's up to you and your league as to when you want to eliminate the team each week.

Eliminating a Team

The eliminated team will have to remain in the league.

If you want to kick the owner out of the league, go to league settings -> member settings -> tap the username and choose the option of “remove from league”.

Their team will remain intact, so the commish will have to force drop all of their players.

Make sure you have your waiver options on first. Otherwise, they'll be available immediately as free agents.

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