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Can I email my leaguemates?
Can I email my leaguemates?

Is there any way to contact another owner or my entire league?

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On Sleeper, we don't require all users to sign up with an email or a phone number attached to their account. We encourage you to attach one because it helps in the case that you need to reset your password.

Because of this, we're not provided with contact information for users, but we wouldn't be able to share that with other users.

Is there a way to see the contact info of users on Sleeper??

When you attach your phone number or email to your account, it's completely private.

Even the commissioners of your league cannot view your contact info. We don't publish that or make it public in any way.

How do I contact a member who isn't answering on Sleeper?

The best way to contact a user on Sleeper is through direct messages or tagging them in the league chat.

We don't provide a way to contact them outside of Sleeper. You would have to know their phone number or email, but again, that's not something we're able to provide to you.

What do we do about an absent commish?

We have a support article about how to handle those cases here. Tap on the button below to learn more about a commish not responding. We can help you out.

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