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What is this alert for a notification?

Have a red dot that you can't get to go away? Find out why!

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If you are a person that likes to have all of your notifications cleared, you might be wondering why your account has a red badge next to it.

You may be seeing something like this on the mobile app or web app:

In both cases, that red dot means that you haven't fully finished settings up your account.

We didn't always require users to sign up with an email or a phone number. So there are some users who will have this notification until they attach a preferred method.

How to clear the notification

From the mobile app, press on your profile photo in the bottom left corner.

That will open up your profile:

You can press on phone or email and attach contact info, and you'll be asked to verify either method with a code that will be sent to you.

Only one email can be attached to a Sleeper account, and the same goes for a phone number.

Once you verify the code, your contact method will be attached and the red dot notification will disappear!

Phantom Notifications

In some cases, it's possible that you may have a notification for something like mock drafts, DMs, or mentions that you can't get to go away.

We have another tool for you to use to help get those cleared on your end.

Tap on your avatar in the bottom left corner of the app. Then, tap on Notifications Settings. Then scroll toward the bottom and select Clear Notifications to get to a screen like this:

Here, you can see specifically what the notifications are for, and you can clear them.

If you run into any issues or have any questions about it, please email [email protected].

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