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How to Decrease Team Size in a League
How to Decrease Team Size in a League

Learn how to chop your league down from 12 teams to 10

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There are instances where you might need to trim your league by a couple of teams. You had a few users drop out and now you want to carry on the league, but do so without a couple of teams.

You will need to make sure your league is in pre-draft mode. So even if your league is all done drafting, you can add a supplemental draft to re-enter pre-draft mode. Once you cut the league down, you can start that draft and end it without making any picks.

If you only want to cut down your league size, here's what you need to do:

Step 1 - Remove the 2 Owners

You’ll need to first remove the 2 members that will not be continuing.

Go to league settings -> member settings -> tap the username and choose the option of “remove from league”

Step 2 - Move Teams to the Bottom

This step requires some advanced actions. If you're not comfortable making these changes or need some assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

You'll need to go to your Member Settings. We will need to get the 2 teams that are leaving moved to the bottom of the list if they're not already. (See photo below for example)

So if we have 12 teams and are cutting 2 of them, the teams in the 11th and 12th spots are the ones that will get cut.

On the mobile app, go to the commish settings -> Edit Roster & Draft Picks and choose the option of “switch players to a roster” -> tap the team that is currently in spot 11 and swap the players with the team you want to remove. Do the same thing for spot 12.

Please make sure any traded draft picks are sent. You may need to sort those out as your league desires.

Step 3 - Re-assign Owners

Go to your member settings, and re-assign the owners to the correct teams.

After this, you should have the two teams you're dropping at the very bottom of the list, with their correct owners and players.

Step 4 - Decrease # of Teams
Go to your league settings and decrease the number of teams from 12 to 10. This will drop all players from those 2 teams immediately. Make sure you have your desired waivers running in order to prevent those players from becoming free agents immediately. You could also lock moves until you're ready:

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