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How can I add Co-Owners?
How can I add Co-Owners?

Learn the abilities of co-owners and how to invite them to your team

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Managing a fantasy team takes time and dedication, regardless of what kind of league you're involved in. 

But sometimes there are instances where you can't get to your phone to make a last-minute lineup change, or add a player you really want. 

This would be a great time to have a co-owner that could do that for you. By teaming up and owning one team together, the blame for missing that lineup change or free agent add is not solely on you. 

You can have up to 3 co-owners for a total of 4 people managing one team. 

How to Invite a Co-Owner

First, you need to make sure that they are NOT already in the league. Only the specific team owner can invite co-owners to their team. 

To invite a co-owner using the mobile app, press on the settings icon for your league, then scroll down to the Manage Co-owners option.

Then, you can search the username of the co-owner(s) you wish to add to your team. Once they accept, they'll be a part of your team. 

On the web app, you can click the settings icon and go to Co-owner settings. From there, you can enter the username(s) of the co-owner(s) you're looking to add.

The co-owners can never remove the original team owner or another user from the team. Only the original team owner has that access.

You can also remove a co-owner from your team at any time.

They are not able to remove you from the team, though.

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