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How do I invite friends to join my league?
How do I invite friends to join my league?

Learn how to allow other users into your league and override the invite capacity

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Each league has a unique link that you can share with your friends or anyone else on or off of Sleeper. 

Your friends will no longer need to search for a league ID or jump through any other hurdles. Anyone that you give the link to will automatically be taken to your league, whether they come in from web or mobile. Anybody in the league can share this link, not just the commissioner.

Your league's custom invite URL can be accessed via your league homepage and also in the league settings.

You can share this link with your friends through whichever means most convenient (i.e., email, text, social media), and the recipient of the link will automatically get dropped into the league!

You can also invite users with the press of a button on the mobile app. This includes your friends on Sleeper, your contacts, and any other user on the platform.

Commish-Only Invites

We have added an option at the bottom of the general league settings to enablue commish-only invites:

By enabling this option, your public link that we mentioned at the top of this article will no longer be visible nor accessible. The commish-only invites option makes it so that the commissioner is the only user who can add members into the league, and they must do so using the mobile app.

This option is also useful in the case where you remove a user from your league, but they keep re-joining. As long as they have that public invite link, they can always join back. However, you enable the commish-only invite, it will lock them out:

By default, once your league has all of the required teams in it, your invite link becomes hidden. 

In order to make it visible again, you'll want to go to your League Settings and turn on the option for Override League Invite Capacity.

That option will allow for more users to be in the league than just the number of teams. 

Your public invite link will also be hidden automatically if the commissioner has enabled the option for Commish-Only Invites near the bottom of the general league settings.

How do I invite a co-owner?

Only the specific team owner can invite a co-owner through their league settings.
Make sure the co-owner is not already a part of the league.

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