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Waivers for Regular Season & Playoffs

How to set up your FA and waivers for in-season fantasy leagues

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We offer a few different kinds of waivers and setting those up correctly is very important. We understand that your league wants to know exactly when and how often waivers will clear.

The first thing to know is that offseason waivers for keeper and dynasty leagues can require different settings. You can read more about how to set up offseason waivers here.

Regular Season Waivers

After Games Waivers Clear - This option is one of the most important. This setting allows your league to specify when players clear waivers after playing in a game.

So if a player's game begins on Thursday night, they are locked and on waivers until Tue After Day (or 12:05 a.m. PST on Wednesday).
We recommend using this option to prevent players from being added during games.

Time Players Are On Waivers After Drop - This setting allows you to choose how many days (if any) a player will spend on waivers before they can clear.

If you select 2 Days, the player will be on waivers for 48 hours.
We recommend using the 1 or 2-Day option.

Sleeper 24-Hour Rule - We have a default rule in place as well. Any player added via free agency must be owned for a 24-hour minimum before being dropped, or else they will go straight back to free agency instead of waivers.

This rule is in place to prevent owners from adding and dropping several players prior to a game (Sunday morning for example), which would make the players unavailable to the rest of the league.

With the above 2 options (After Games Waivers Clear & Time Players Are on Waivers After Drop), your league will have free agency from Wednesday morning until players begin their respective games. Then you'll have a waiver period from then until Tues After Day. This is the most common set of options and you can learn more about how the two work together here.

But there's one more!

Custom Daily Waivers - This option is available if you want to have more than one waiver period each week, and this will allow you to break it down day-by-day.

FA - All players will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the entirety of the day. The only ones who may not be are any that have recently been dropped, but only if you have the time players are on waivers after drop setting enabled.

Waivers - This will put all players on waivers for the day. They will then process at your selected time. After that processing time, all players will be on waivers again for at least the remainder of that day.

Locked - This will prevent players from being added via free agency or waivers for the entire day.

Waivers -> FA - This will have all players on waivers clear at the selected processing time. After that, all players will be free agents for at least the remainder of the day.

We recommend using this more for the offseason, as it's more necessary for dynasty or keeper leagues.

Playoff Waivers

If you're reading down this far, odds are you've made your league's playoffs!

When it comes to playoffs, the waivers work a little differently.

Since the standings are no longer updated, using Reverse Standings waivers is no longer an option. You will either use FAAB or rolling waivers, or in some cases, both.

For rolling waivers, every time a team makes a successful waiver claim, they drop to the bottom of the waiver priority and everyone else moves up one. You're able to view the waiver wire priority in your league's standings.

Of course, the commissioner still has the ability to manually set the waiver order using the commish tools in the mobile app.

Good luck in your playoffs and your pursuit to the championship!

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