Waivers for the Offseason

Learn the best way to set up your league's FA and waivers over the offseason

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Sleeper allows year-round player movement so that fantasy owners in keeper or dynasty leagues can continue to add players.

Once your league's championship comes to an end, you have officially reached the offseason.

If your league would like to allow teams to make moves, we strongly encourage you to transition your league to the next year immediately. Any moves made following the championship will NOT carry over when your league is transitioned. You must transition first and then make the desired moves.

It's important to know that your Regular Season Waiver options can require different settings.

Offseason Waivers

There are a few different waiver options but only the Daily Custom Waivers will apply to the offseason.

You will need to enable this option if you'd like to have waivers in the offseason. Once your draft is scheduled for the upcoming season, you'll also need to turn on "Allow Moves Pre-Draft".

FA - All players will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the entirety of the day. The only ones who may not be are any that have recently been dropped, but only if you have the time players are on waivers after drop setting enabled.

Waivers - This will put all players on waivers for the day. They will then process at your selected time. After that processing time, all players will be on waivers again for at least the remainder of that day.

Locked - This will prevent players from being added via free agency or waivers for the entire day.

Waivers -> FA - This will have all players on waivers clear at the selected processing time. After that, all players will be free agents for at least the remainder of the day.

If you do not want any waivers or free agency in the offseason, you'll need to enable this setting.

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