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Why was my waiver claim invalid?
Why was my waiver claim invalid?

Learn why you a team may have lost out on a player

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When you're looking at the results of any processed waivers in your league chat, you have the ability to press on the bid amount to get a list of the submitted bids.

In some instances, you may see teams that had entered a higher bid but lost the claim. These teams will have "(Invalid)" listed next to them like in this claim:

There are a few different reasons as to why your bid would be deemed invalid:

  • You did not have enough FAAB

  • You did not have enough space on your roster because you won a previous bid, and you are not dropping a player on this bid

  • You tried to drop a player in this bid who you had already dropped in a previous successful bid. Even if you had an open roster spot to add the player, the bid would be unsuccessful because the dropped player has to be a part of it.

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