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Extra Game Each Week Against League Median
Extra Game Each Week Against League Median

What does this setting mean and how would it impact my league?

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On Sleeper, we offer the option of giving leagues a 2nd matchup each regular-season week of their fantasy season. 

The commissioner can enable the Extra Game Each Week Against League Median in the settings.

This option allows the top scoring teams of the week to gain an additional win, while the other half gets hit with a loss. 

The purpose is to help create a fairer option for those times where you finish in the top half of scoring, but you still lost to someone who scored more than you. You would at least go 1-1 for the week instead of 0-1.

Can there be a tie?

Yes, but it's extremely rare. If any teams score equal to the median, they will receive a tie.

For example, if in a 12-team league, the 6th-highest and 7th-highest team tie, they'd be at the median, and both of those teams would earn a tie in their records.

How is League Median calculated?

League Median is calculated by taking the average of the middle two teams' scores for that specific week.  

For example in a 10-team league: If the 5th highest-scoring team of the week scored 178.54 points and the 6th-highest scoring team scored 170.48 points, the league median would be 174.51.

178.54 + 170.48 = 349.02
Now, divided by 2 = 174.51

There would not be a case where 6 teams were above and 4 teams were below. League Median is used for your regular season only and will not be used in any fantasy playoff or consolation matches.

The League Median option is the only way to have two matchups in an individual week. We do not support doubleheaders or any other option that provides additional matchups for a given week.

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