There are times when your league's commissioner may go silent for days, weeks, or even months. As a fantasy player, it can become very frustrating, especially if an issue arises or you need commish to take an action that only they can do. 

It's a big reason we recommend having 2 or 3 commissioners in each league. But if you only have one, that's okay. We can help you out. 

First, we ask that you or somebody in your league create a poll in the league chat. This way, your leaguemates can help decide who should be assigned as a commissioner. 

Here's an example:

Your leaguemates should have a discussion and a poll to help nominate someone for the new commish role. 

Once your league has decided on somebody, please contact us at [email protected] and include the following details:

  • The league name

  • Your current commissioner's username

  • The username of the new commissioner 

We will then take a look at your league and award the desired user with commissioner status. We will not remove the commissioner status from the previous user. That is up to you and your league to decide.

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