What can a commissioner do?

How much control do they have of a league?

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We give commissioners a full range of control and abilities in fantasy leagues. They have a lot of power given to them right from the start, but also a lot of responsibility. 

It's very important that you join leagues with commissioners that you can trust.

The commissioner is the one who can set up all of the specific scoring, settings, and roster positions. 

They can also add other users to be commissioners as well, and we recommend that leagues have 2 or 3 of them to allow more of a collaborative approach. 

Below is an image of the commish tools that they can access at any time:

A commissioner CANNOT adjust a team's roster until the NFL week has been completed. They are not able to move someone's player from IR to the bench, or vice versa. Only an owner of the team can move players within their lineup.

They also have a couple of more severe options underneath those:

Reset League:
This will clear rosters from all teams. Current League settings will be kept in-tact. This setting can be useful if/when mistakes are made during or after the draft.

Delete League:
This will delete the league entirely. Note that this cannot be undone. To mitigate accidental deletions, we ask that users enter the league name for confirmation before the league is wiped from the Sleeper platform.

Removing and Un-assigning Teams

Commissioners are able to remove team owners from their team or boot them from the entire league at any time. They don't need a reason or an explanation to do so. 

Un-assigning a member from a roster will keep them in the league, but they will not have access to any teams. Therefore, they cannot make any moves. This option is often used to prevent users from doing massive roster drops once they are close to eliminated or out of playoff contention. 

The remove from league option will kick that member out of the league entirely. If the member still has the original invite link, they can possibly re-join, but they won't be assigned to a team.

Again, we give commissioners full control of their league, so they can kick users out for any reason, or no reason at all.

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