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How do taxi squads work?
How do taxi squads work?

Learn how taxi players impact your team on Sleeper

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We offer an option to add taxi squads to any dynasty league. These provide teams with an option to stash rookies or younger players into additional slots that do not count against a team's roster limit.

Under General Settings, commissioners are able to designate the number of taxi squad slots available to teams, set the experience requirement for players, and finalize the deadline when players can no longer be added to a taxi slot.

Taxi Slots

Set the number of taxi slots made available for all teams in your League. This number can range from 0 to 10.

Right now, you cannot add players directly to taxi. Free-agent or waiver pickups must be added to your starting roster or your bench first, and then moved to taxi.

Taxi Squad Duration

Determine the maximum years of experience for a player to be eligible for a taxi spot. This can currently be set between 1 to 4 years, or set to No Max.

If you choose 1 year of experience as the limit, this means that any player who has more than that prior to the start of the regular season will not be eligible.

The years of experience flip at the end of each NFL season, not each week.

Taxi Squad Deadline

Choose a deadline in which taxi squad slots are effectively locked from adding any new players.

Players can always be moved out of taxi slots onto the bench or starting positions in the season. Once the deadline has passed, they can never be moved back to taxi.

Allow Non-Rookies for Taxi

This option allows you to have players that are not considered rookies.

Do you support taxi raiding?

We do not support any type of feature that allows users to raid or poach taxi squad players from other teams.

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