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Player Status and Gameday Designations
Player Status and Gameday Designations

Why does my player lose the "Out" tag during the week?

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Based on your league's settings, there may come times where you'll need to clear room on your roster for a player who is no longer eligible to be placed in an injured reserve slot. 

This can happen often throughout the course of a regular season week when a player's injury tag changes.

So, why can that injury tag change so much?

When a player is ruled "out" for a specific week, it is treated as a gameday designation, meaning once that NFL week is over, they will not retain that "out" status. Their status will revert to whatever it was previously, and this change will take place early on Wednesday mornings.

They cannot keep the "out" status unless they have been officially ruled out for their next game. 

This can make it a little frustrating to have a player move from "out" on Sunday, but then back to "questionable", "doubtful", or healthy once the NFL week switches over after Monday night.

What about bye weeks?

This is the lone exception. Players on Sleeper will retain their injury status from the previous week if they have a bye week the next.

This means that if Tyreek Hill was labeled as Out for Week 5, but has a bye in Week 6, he'll keep the out tag for the entirety of Week 6 as well.

The same will apply for suspended, questionable, doubtful, and COVID-19.

This is a new change for this season. Prior to the 2021 season on Sleeper, we did not retain designations through bye weeks.

How do PUP tags work?

PUP means Physically Unable to Perform, and if a player has this tag, they are automatically eligible for IR.

Player Status Designations:

  • Probable - Very likely to play

  • Questionable - Player has a 50/50 chance to play

  • Doubtful - Player is very unlikely to play

  • Out - Player will not play

  • Suspended - Player is suspended and will not play

  • IR - Player is critically injured and will not play

  • PUP - Physically Unable to Perform and will not play

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