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League Types & Formats

Learn the differences between redraft, keeper, and dynasty

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First time trying to create a new league? Brand new to fantasy football or Sleeper? Or perhaps, just trying to create an additional league for testing purposes?
You've come to the right place!

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There are three types of fantasy football leagues we currently support: Redraft, Keeper, and Dynasty

On top of that, we also support Auction and Best Ball leagues!

In general, choosing the right format for your group may depend on the level of complexity everyone is looking for, as well as their long-term commitment to the league.

If you want to start simple and work your way up, you can always update your league format anytime during the season, before the start of the next season.


All owners start with a completely empty roster and a full set of draft picks. Those draft picks can be traded heading into and during the current season's draft, but no future season's picks can be traded until the league is renewed.

  • Simplest format

  • Fun and easy to grasp

  • Shortest-term commitment 


Managers can select a pre-determined number of players from their current rosters whom they'd like to keep for the next season. 

A keeper cost is typically added onto this, but depending on your league's rules this cost can vary. Generally, if you drafted Patrick Mahomes in the 1st round and decide to keep him, your league can have that be in place of your 1st round pick. The keeper cost is league-specific. 

Prior to the draft, teams who have kept players will have them pre-selected as picks in their respective draft round(s). The remaining pool of players will be eligible to be picked up normally via the draft.

  • Added Complexity

  • Keep Players

  • Draft for Value

  • Trade Future Picks


Teams carry their entire roster over to the next season. Much of the experience's value is derived from the long-term nature of the format and connection built with your team and its composition of players.

Fortuitous choices and costly mistakes are magnified and tend to compound over time as the results of these decisions may create super teams or even dynasties.

  • Highest Level of Complexity

  • Closest "General Manager Experience"

  • Long-term Commitment from Managers

  • Rookie Drafts

  • Taxi Squads

Additional Considerations for further League Customization:

If you have any questions about setting up a league, feel free to contact [email protected] at any time.

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