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Can I commish a league without owning a team?
Can I commish a league without owning a team?

Steps on how to become a ghost commissioner

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Occasionally, you'd like to be a commissioner without owning a team. 

To start, please ensure that you've removed yourself from the team. You can do this by going to your Member Settings and selecting "Unassign." It will remove you from the team, but that actual team roster will stay intact. 

Here's how you go about doing that on the mobile and desktop. 

On Mobile:

Tap the settings icon in the top right, and then select General:

Step 3: Scroll down and enable "Override league Invite Capacity." This setting allows for your league to have more users in it than the number of teams. 

On Desktop:

Step 1: Navigate to General League Settings.

Step 2: Enable "Override league Invite Capacity"

Now you are in the league but don't own any teams. You can continue to run it as the commissioner. 

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