Can I veto a trade?

How can we vote to approve or deny a trade?

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Sleeper leagues are optimized for friends & people who know each other, or strangers that share a common interest.

We allow the commissioner(s) to make the decision around canceling trades, but we also support an option for leaguemates to veto.

In the past, commissioners would have needed to put up a poll for the specific egregious trade, and if it passes a certain amount, the commissioner manually cancels it.

Now, we do the work for you. Once a trade is accepted by all parties, users will see a voting prompt under that specific trade:

It will show you how much time is remaining, who voted for which option, and how many more votes are needed for the veto to happen.

The commissioner still has ultimate control, and can choose to veto or pass any trade at any time.

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