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Learn how to send trade proposals and view offers

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Sleeper makes it extremely easy to trade in your league with one or multiple league mates. Learn how to view your trade offers here.

Proposing a Trade

To propose a trade, go to your league home and click on the “Team” tab at the top of the screen, then select “Trade.” Once you arrive at the next screen, click the “Trade” button.

This will take you to a screen with all of the teams in your league. Select your trade partner(s) and click “Start Trade Proposal.”

Simply select the league mate (or league mates) that you want to trade with, and click “Start Trade Proposal” at the bottom of the screen. Sleeper is one of the only platforms to offer multi-team blockbuster trades, so on this screen, you can actually select multiple users for a multi-team deal.

Clicking “Start Trade Proposal” will take you to the Trade Center screen. This screen allows you to select which assets/players you want to acquire from each team; as well as which assets/players they acquire from you.

Sleeper’s trade engine allows you to trade players, current and future draft picks, and even FAAB (free agent acquisition budget) dollars!  

As long as all parties accept the trade, the trade is assumed by default to be approved by the league and commissioner and goes to the pending review period.  

This way reduces the amount of work and hassle for commissioners and league mates so they don’t have to vote on every single proposed trade, but rather, only need to chime in and veto the egregious ones.

If the league and commissioner do not decide to veto a trade, and the trade review period has expired, then the trade will be processed at midnight PST after the trade period ends. If the league wait time is set to none, then the trade will be processed immediately.

As the commissioner you have the power to veto trades or force them through immediately, pin polls in your league chat to solicit votes on pending trades from the rest of the league, and also reverse trades after they are done if you feel it is in violation.

In summary, Sleeper’s trade functionality is made to be customization, easy to use, and also flexible to handle many different situations, including multi-team trades, current, and future draft picks, and FAAB.

Happy dealing!

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