What Stacks?

Learn what stats will double up and how to set up your scoring accordingly

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There are a lot of different scoring settings when it comes to fantasy football. So, inevitably, you might be asking yourself, what stacks? Will a sack include a tackle and a QB hit? 

On Sleeper, there are a few scoring settings that you could potentially stack points. If the NFL play applies truthfully to your scoring setting, then it will award the fantasy points.


There are three a few different options for tackles, and they will stack.

The tackle option includes all three of the other options below: Tackle For Loss, Assisted Tackle, and Solo Tackle.

Since they stack, I've set tackles to award no value (or zero) because I'm already awarding points for assisted and solo tackles. By not entering a value for tackle, I'm avoiding points from doubling up. 


If your team or players earns a sack, it will stack with tackle, hit on QB, and

An example would be if _____ sacks the QB.  

You have to ask yourself:

  • Is it a tackle? Yes

  • Is it a tackle for a loss? (Most likely, but a team can record a sack for no gain)

  • Is it a sack? Yes

  • Is it a hit on QB? Yes

  • And is it a solo or assisted tackle? Yes.

Then all these points would stack. 

Player Bonuses

An example of when points don’t stack would be in yardage. 

  • Did he run for 100-199 yards? No

  • Did he run for 200+ yards? Yes

So you would get the only get the fantasy point(s) for the 200+ yards. 

Based on the scoring above, if Dalvin Cook rushed for 205 yards, he would only get two points because they do not stack. 

As soon as he leaves the 100-199 yard range he loses that value and gets the value from the 200+ yard entry. 

TD Bonuses

There are two different options for Yards Pass TD, 40+ and 50+ yards, and they will stack.

Since they stack, I've set 40+ Yard Pass TD to award no value (or zero) because I'm already awarding points for 50+ Yard Pass TD. By not entering a value for 40+ Yard Pass TD, I'm avoiding points from doubling up.

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