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How to Make a Midseason Switch to Sleeper
How to Make a Midseason Switch to Sleeper

How to move to Sleeper from other platforms (ESPN, Yahoo, NFL, etc)

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So you've heard that Sleeper is pretty awesome and you want to make the switch midseason. You've had enough of wasting your time on another platform.

We don't blame you! There's no need to wait until the offseason to make the switch.

Transitioning your fantasy league to Sleeper could take a little time to get everything moved over and set up, but it's completely worth it!

You'll want to be using our web app, so you'll need to do that from a laptop or a desktop computer.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to make the switch:

Create A League

Once you have signed up and logged in to your Sleeper account, you'll want to create a brand new league. Give your league a name, but hold off on inviting any of your league mates just yet.


Customize and update the league settings, scoring settings, and roster settings by tapping on the settings icon.

Once you are done with your settings, you're ready for the next step.

View Your Draftboard

Press on the "Preview Your Draft Lobby" link.

Welcome to your draftboard!

Even though you're not about to have an actual draft, you're going to mimic one in order to get your players entered.

Make sure you do not actually begin the draft yet.

You will need to use each column for a specific team, so you'll have to keep track of which team is which.

Now, you can start assigning players to each team. Click on an individual tile and then choose the Set Player option.

Once you're done, your draftboard will look complete, something like this:

Once you have entered all of the players, you'll want to go to the settings icon in the top right and Begin Draft. This will allow the draft to start, but it will skip over any picks already filled in. The draft will immediately end and automatically assign these players to teams.

Invite Your Friends

Now that you have all of the rosters entered, you'll want to get all of your leaguemates into the league.

You can use the invite link on your league's homepage, or you can use the mobile app to invite them.

Your league's custom invite URL can be accessed via your league homepage and also in the league settings.

You can share this link with your friends through whichever means most convenient (i.e., email, text, social media), and the recipient of the link will automatically get dropped into the league!

If you need any help or want more specifics, you can read more on how to invite friends into your league.

Assign Users to Teams

At this point, you have all of your rosters ready to go, and all of your leaguemates in the league. Now, you just have to attach them to the proper roster.

Go to your league settings and click on Member Settings.

You'll see each of the teams listed with an option to add on the right of each. Click on that and assign the appropriate user to each team.

Once all of the teams are matched with their respective owners, your league is officially set up!

The next step is optional.

If you would like to have all scores & records updated from the start of the regular season until the current week, read on to the next step. Otherwise, your league's scoring will start from this point on.

Updating Scores & Records

The commissioner can use their powers to retroactively score any previous weeks of the season.

To do this, go to your league settings, and then press on Commissioner Control. Then, press on the option for Edit Lineups and Matchups.

Then, toward the top right, you'll see an option to Recalculate All Matchup Records For Week. You can click on that for each week, and you can also manually edit the point totals for each team every week.

Once you edit a team's points total, it will send an alert to the league chat, but then you'll be able to see scores and records update once you're done.

Please note that you cannot do this for the current NFL week until it has completed. So you would not be able to recalculate or edit scores for Week 7 until the final game of that week has been completed.


That's it! You can now start playing fantasy football on Sleeper. We're thrilled to have you and your leaguemates on board, and we want to thank you for trying us out.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to check out our Support Center or send us an email at any time to [email protected].

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