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How to Conduct an Offline Draft
How to Conduct an Offline Draft

Learn how to prepare for your league's offline draft

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Are you planning on having your draft offline? No problem. 

We recommend having the commissioner update your league's draftboard as your draft is happening, but they can always (and will have to) enter the picks later. 

We strongly encourage you not to use the commish powers in the mobile app to add players to a team that way. It will take a ton of time and the draftboard option offers a better, quicker way.

The commissioner can even project it onto the big screen using Big Screen Mode, which is perfect for drafts with friends, co-workers, and family!

Perhaps a couple of your leaguemates can't make the live draft. No worries! They can still draft remotely as we allow for a combination of live in-person draft and remote drafters, all fully synced across web, big screen, and mobile.

Access Your League's Draftboard

As commissioner, you'll want to enter your league's draftboard. On the web app, you can find this in a couple of different ways depending on if you set up a draft time or not. 

If you have not set up a draft time, you can press "Preview Your Draft Lobby"

If you have set up a draft time, you can press Drafting in XX Days:

On the mobile app, once the draft order has been set, you can press the "Draft Room" button:

If your draft is going to be offline, we still recommend setting a draft time for it, but the draft will never start until you press "Begin Draft" even if your start time has passed. 

Set Draft Order & Enter Picks

Once you are in the draftboard, you'll want to set your league's draft order.

The commissioner is going to use this draftboard to manually enter the picks once the draft is over, or they can do it while the draft is going on live. They can do this by clicking on each individual tile and then selecting the player that the team picked. 

This can all be done at any time without actually starting the draft.

Once all of the picks have been entered, the commissioner can then go to the settings, and press "Begin Draft". The draft will complete and the selected players will go to their appropriate teams. 

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