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What are Managed Leagues?
What are Managed Leagues?

Leagues ran by 3rd party companies on the Sleeper platform

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Managed Leagues are run by groups who want to provide a better experience for other fantasy football players.

It's like ESPN and Yahoo! public leagues but run by people who actually care about your experience and offer commissioner intervention.

Scoring settings and league rules are determined by the managed leagues provider, so please be sure to review it when you select a league to join.

All managed leagues are run on the Sleeper platform.

Free Leagues

Everyone is eligible to join free leagues, regardless of age and geographic location.

Paid Leagues

You must be 18 years or older to join paid leagues.  

You must also reside in the United States.

Ineligible states are Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, and Washington.

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